Two families from Debrecen are among the richest Hungarians


Forbes published its latest list of the 50 richest Hungarians.

As we mentioned in an earlier article, Lőrinc Mészáros leads the list with a wealth of nearly HUF 500 billion thanks to his knowledge and talent (as well as the Good God and Viktor Orbán).

The richest entrepreneur in Debrecen is László Bárány and his family coming in 16th place.

His best known interests are: Master Good, Saga
The estimated value of his assets: HUF 88.3 billion (increased by HUF 0.1 billion since last year)

The group of companies accounts for more than 40 percent of chicken production and processing in Hungary, most of its sales are exports, and they are market leaders in Hungary. Last year, Saga was also recruited.
Miklós Szabó now had enough money to come in 25th place. The value of the Tranzit Group is HUF 58.2 billion.

Last year, through their HUF 15 billion investment, they built new livestock farms and modernized their assets. The company is embarking on an additional investment of HUF 20 billion, of which HUF 4.5 billion will be used to expand the capacity of Marneváll Zrt., A manufacturer of quick-frozen foods acquired in 2019.

Other interesting players on the list:

  • 9th place: László Szijj, who is chasing the Szijjártó and also participating in investments in Debrecen
  • 12th place: László Bige, who for some reason is very eye-catching for some interests close to the government
  • 32nd place: Lajos Simicska, Viktor Orbán’s former good friend, number one oligarch, inventor of “O1G”
  • 39th place: Tímea Vajna (Palácsik), who inherited the legacy of Andy Vajna
  • 48th place: Zsolt Hernádi, President and CEO of Mol

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