Fuel prices are already high in Hungary, but they will continue to rise starting from Wednesday

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Fuel prices will continue to rise – Holtankoljak.hu informed.

According to the trade portal, the purchase price of gasoline will increase by HUF 10 gross on Wednesday, and gas station operators will have to pay HUF 4 more for diesel. This change is expected to affect retail prices as well, we expect the following average prices:

95 gasoline: HUF 652/liter,

diesel: HUF 720/liter.

It is also worth taking a look at international fuel prices, the summary shows that Hungary boasts the most expensive refueling options in the region. In our country, the average price of 95 gasoline per liter is HUF 642 for one more day.

Compared to this, fuel costs 583 forints in Austria, 599 forints in Slovakia, 529 forints in Romania, 498 forints in Slovenia, and 533 forints in Croatia.

In Germany, fuel (currently HUF 677/liter) is only HUF 95 more expensive: in Great Britain it is HUF 698, and in France it will be cheaper from Wednesday (HUF 647 currently) than in Hungary.



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