Ferenc Krausz Dedicates the Money Associated With the Nobel Prize to Charity


Ferenc Krausz, a researcher of Hungarian origin, received this year’s Nobel Prize in physics, sharing it with two fellow scientists. According to the Portfolio article, in a radio program, the scientist spoke about the fact that he will not keep the prize money, i.e. 11 million Swedish kronor (about HUF 368 million), but instead will use the money to help needy people in Ukraine through his own association.

The purpose of the Science 4 People association is to support projects of local communities within Ukraine. They help activities that meet immediate needs and create lasting value. With their first projects, they helped about 30 children who lost their homes in Eastern Ukraine and found shelter in the elementary school of Bakosh, a small village in Western Ukraine, reports Portfolio. As stated in the interview, Ferenc Krausz allocated the financial part of the prizes he won recently to the benefit of this Ukrainian initiative, and it will be no different with the Nobel Prize.


Photo: MTI

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