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Love, alcoholism, youth and children’s innocence is accompanied in the programmes of 4th DESZKA (Boards, theater festival) festival started on Monday.

Playwright round table and theater festival will be in the Csokonai Theatre from the 8th of March till the 14th. The contemporary Hungarian dramas of this year will be selected byKaroly Szakonyi writer, playwright, Laszlo Garaczi writer, playwright andRozaliaBrestyanszkydramatist.
This year the festival wants to turn towards the audience with the appearance of the played text and with the coexistence of the traditional and alternative solutions. The professional programmes will be high quality ones as the theatrical performances which were selected by Istvan Tasnadi,Akos Németh andCsaba Kiss. "We would like to have a more international festiva with, more and more foreign performances, we invite specialists – said Attila Vidnyánszky director of the Csokonai Theater.
This year, the audience can see the music interpretation "Alcoholists"(written by Andras Visky, performed by Menyhert Szegvari ) of the Gárdonyi Géza Theater Eger, István Németh`s performance, "Kupidó, the excitement of the physical joy" inModem. Szombathely`s Weöres Theater will perform the "Good spirits blotting themselves" (written by Peter Bazil Koleszar -Sandor Sultz)which stories andhilarious scenes came from the real life.
Families will see "Puss in boots"on stage performed by the Pet?fi Theatre Veszprem, the "Világszép Nádszálkisasszony" presented by the New Prod Theater and Neptune Brigade, and "Sleeping Beauty"the Jozsef Katona Theatre`s performanceas well.

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