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The next program of the Cultural Centre of Debrecen will be Ferenc Kocsis`s knife exhibition. Visitors can learn about the past and traditions of knife-making.

Ferenc Kocsis made his first knife when he was 10 years old.
He bagan his career because of the need of his classmates.
He met with Gabor Szoboszlai and Imre Polyak carver and cutler masters introducing him to the secrets.
In 1996 he received the title of Folk Artist. He abandoned his former agricultural profession and started to live only for this. Following the rich traditions of the debrecen blade guild he makes richly carved shepherd-knives.
His knives will be shown from 8am to 4pm working days till August 6 in Timarhaz, Nagy Gál Istvan street 6, Debrecen.

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