The second victim of this summer

Local News Police

A 19 years old female Letavertes resident died in Lake Vekeri on 23 of July 2010. Previous Sunday afternoon a 21 years old man died in Kalo canal near Main road 42.

The police warns the public to ensure the reckless bathing can cause a tragedy. Please spend your leisure time carefully and responsibly near natural waters.
Police pays particular attention to prevent similar tragedies, citizen wardens, fishermen, hunters and police patrols taking action near lakes, rivers and canals.
In order to avoid tragedy please always use the designated bathing areas. Professionals chosing these spots regularly checking the Quality of the water, the depth etc. Unknown waters can be
risky due to strong twists, swirls, roughness of the bottom, sudden coolness of the water etc.
In unexpected emergencies people usually panic, make wrong choices, their limbs suddenly paralyzed…
Please observe the basic rules of swimming:
– bad swimmers bath in swallow water
– do not swim immediately after a meal, do not swim with full
– do not swim where is prohibited (shipping routes, mine lakes etc)
– do not swim at night and in poor visibility conditions, waterworks

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