Open day to celebrate the MODEM

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The program is free for all this day
25 September 2010, 10 am Open day celebrates the MODEM`s 4 birthday, when from 10 am until late every programme is free for visitors. Plus, every hundredth
visitor also receives a gift.

The visitors can see the “Surmounting the gravity” exhibition also free of
charge. The exhibition showing /filling the ground floor exhibition sapece/
the great works and aircraft structures of the Belgian Panamarenko.

In addition, every other program is free on Saturday: guided tours, physical experiments (explosions), flying demonstrations, performances, concerts and other attractions. A special exhibition has been made for only this weekend:
the graffiti-exhibition titled KruXXIsz will be available on the 2nd floor.

Exhibitions (10:00-18:00)

Panamarenko Works – Ground Floor
KruXXIsz – graffiti for 2 days – 2nd floor
2 songs and 1 end – Hajnal Nemeth`s works from 2003 to 2010 – 3rd floor

Additional programs:

11 am: Gravity? Physics-show / experiments of Peter Tofalusi (a high school teacher of D

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