Time to check your chimney

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Chimney-sweeps from Futesz Ltd. start knocking more and more doors during the first days of the heating season. In Debrecen they have to audit 55 thousand households. But sometimes still hard to reach the home owners during the checking period.

Maybe a couple of owners do not know that these works can help prevent carbon monoxide poisoning. You have to be sure to let thesesweeps enter into your property because if they trying it couple of times without success you will be fined for hundreds of thousands of forints.This is a mandatory public service protectedby Hungarian laws just cost a couple of thousand Huf per chimney. This is not a high price for security.

– It feels good that the man knows himself safe. The chimney maybe damaged during the summer, so now when winter is coming better to be sure that is working properly. -said Jozsef Orosz, houseowner.

Could be risky if you failed your chimney to be controlled. The clogged chimney can cause poisoning or fire, therefore the chimney sweeps should carefully check everything.

– First, we examine that the stack of the chimney is clear from thebottom to the top, if not the smoke will retun and that is life threatening.The soot should be removed from the stack and this can be done only by a professioanl sweep – explained Mihaly Por chimney-sweep.

During the inspection, however, residents must be at home but ten percent of the local homeowners does not open the door to the chimney sweep. Either because they can not (they are at work) or either becausethey want to save on this.

If the sweep can not get in after several attempts, a fine can go up to 150000 HUF /550Euro Chimney sweeps workingduring the whole year inDebrecenbecause they should control almost 55 thousand households. But the busiest is the beginning of the heating season.

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