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In the future, not the government, but the PES will organize the community service. The goal is to involve as many job seekers as they can into the world of work.

The change does not finish Dehusz Ltd. just amend the task. The city plans to significantly raise the number of workers from 800 to 3000-4000.

In November, the fallen leaves were collected by the Dehusz Ltd. employees. The community workers take part typically similar seasonal agenda and help the city`s cleaning and maintaining works.
From nexy year the jobcentre will decide upon their employment.

The Head of Social Department of Debrecen says: "It is sure that not the Dehusz Ltd. will organize the community work but can further manage the programmes and monitor the works. Currently each year 800 unemployed persons are employed by Dehusz and from next year this number will increase significantly.
However the duration of employment and number of working hours will fall. The community workers will be able to comply 4 hours long shifts per day for a 2-3 months period. If an unemployed will not be able to show at least 30 working days throughout the year will lose all of the social benefits.

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