Carefully with the skateboard

Local News

The General Assembly of Debrecen will amend the regulation on protecting the city`s public areas and green spaces if the members accept the referral on December 16.

It is proposed that the maximum fine will raise up to 50 thousand Huf and they going to add protected areas to the existing ones. The reason that bikes, skateboards, roller skates and rollers cause severe damage on
promenades, terraces, stairs and outdoor items of historic buildings.

The regulation would protect priority areas such as the following:

– Kalvin square (including the new Ruingarden)
– Kossuth square
– Piac Street to the Szechenyi and Kossuth streets
– Simonffy street till the Hal koz and its green areas
– The Dery square
– Csapo street
– Batthyanyi street,
– green space at Petofi square

The regulation does not prohibit the use of cycles in these areas, but only allow the intended use.

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