Karoly Kos Award

Local News

The interior minister recognized the work for preserving the local architectural heritage and architectural traditions Jozsef Papp with the award.

Karoly Kos architectural awards were handed over in Budapest. The Interior Minister Sandor Pinter distinquished architects and professionals awarded in individual and community categories, three-three winners receiced their awards at Danube Palace in Budapest.

Protecting the local architectural heritage and the professional work in the architectural tradition has been recognized in individual cathegory the work of Jozsef Papp, an administrator of the Debrecen Mayor’s Office Engineering Department.

"Debrecen`s versatile and vital servant" called Jozsef Papp. he created debrecen`s urban neighborhoods name register which was formed on the basis of local government initiative. Due to historical research he also managed creating the city`s first complex official street name list.

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