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A Debrecen resident is the world`s 8th most beautiful uni student.

Seila Sefcsik sung a Cserhati song at the competition and also reported about the red mud disaster.

The student who became the world’s eighth most beautiful university student is Seila Sefcsik a local girl. She is attending the Budapest College of Economics and after winning the Miss Universitas award got the
opportunity to take part in the international beauty contest in South Korea.

The Hungarian girl spent 50 hours travelling to Korea due to a blizzard and sang a Cserhati song on stage and spoke about the red mud disaster and how was this disaster set an example of Hungarian unity.

Although the jury awarded no places for her she received more than 800 votes on the online poll and became the eighth most beautiful uni student.
The audience voted on the Korean girl put her on the first place followed by Miss India and Miss Lithuania.

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