List of what can be dealt with at the

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Secretary of State responsible for communication of the Government
published its list of those cases that the “government window” can deal with in its own acts, which intercedes, and provides information.

Below you can find which cases you can turn to the government office in Debrecen at 9-11.
Darabos street on weekdays 8am-20pm

1. Insurance relationship query
2. Owners registry query
3. Electronic map copies section
4. Partners’gate creation, electronic information related to contacts, information
5. Health care fundings and the use of travel expenses
6. Individual entrepreneurial activity reporting
7. Individual entrepreneurial activity data changes and notification of suspension
8. Elimination of individual entrepreneurial activity
9. Trading activity notification, authorization
10. Block / and real estate managing Report
11. Sites to process
12. Accommodation management permit application
13. Report activities as a commercial scale in real estate, real estate broker or an evaluation and reporting activities

II. Intermediate cases can arrange for a public authority /other authorities dealing with these cases but will be possible
to handle here as well

14. Claiming child care benefits
15. Maternity Support Request
16. Family allowance claim
17. Applying for child support
18. Individual business card request
19. Request an official certificate of the register of sole proprietors
20. Local government having jurisdiction in the event of a fine or disqualification of fairness to refrain from the return of property confiscated
21. Highway compensation cases procedure

III. Managing information services (competent authority for information, providing forms,
information sheets, documents etc

22. Prenatal allowance claim
23. Claiming child care fee
24. Requesting Hungarian identity card, student discounts of Hungary’s registration card or withdrawal of these
25. Hungarian Certificate, Hungarian teachers and teacher’s preferences Registration or Withdrawal
26. Hungarian card, card’s edition of the contribution
27. In assessing the admissibility of evidence presented to a foreign national a non-Hungarian citizen want to marry in Hungary
28. Issue of a marriage certificate to the Hungarian citizens abroad
29. In Hungary, the foreign national marriage certificate issues

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