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Laszlo Tokes, vice president of the European Parliament filled in the application form in Debrecen on Monday, 24th of January, 2010.

Laszlo Tokes, the European Parliament Vice-President, the president of the Transylvanian Hungarian National Council has visited the city council on Monday morning. The mayor, Lajos Kosa greeted the famous Hungarian.

Laszlo Tokes arrived together with Toro Tibor /executive chairman of the Transylvanian Hungarian National Council/, Mihaly Orban, the Partium region president of the Hungarian National Council of the Transylvanian, Sandor Torok president of Bihar area and Gyula Zatyko the head of the Centre of Democracy offices in the Partium region.

Laszlo Tokes went to the local governmental offices to apply for a simplified procedure for Hungarian citizenship. He said that it was a special moment for him and his family when they got the chance to launch the naturalization process. He also said that the Hungarian law is not against the international law. If the Hungarian government want to ensure the voting rights as well he and mayor Kosa will backing this.

Laszlo Tokes and his children took their necessary documents enclosed into a folder labeled "Good to be a Hungarian". The European Parliament`s Vice-President told the press that there will be a cenzus in 2011 in Romania and we will know how many Hungarians living there.

Lajos Kosa and Laszlo Tokes had a discussion about the issue of the right of vote for the Hungarians who are living abroad. The two politicians has consensus in this. Lajos Kosa said in early January : "I think if someone is a Hungarian citizen, is entitled to vote."
Lajos Kosa replied to journalists’ questions that the international examples show that the legal institution of dual citizenship does not weaken the autonomy of its existence. As an example he mentiones Sweden and Finland.

The Tokes family will return to the oath ceremony in April.

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