Lack of radiologists in Hungary

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Shortages are in the field of radiology. Although it is now the local Hospitals and medical institutions using the most advanced equipment the young specialists try their luck abroad.

In recent years, the University Clinic and the Kenezy Hospital spent hundreds of millions on new equipment, there is a shortage of skilled labor. The shortages brought to the attention on the European Day of
Radiology on February 10th.

During the CT scan the patient never meet the radiologist only hear his/her voice. The investigation and analysis of the results without a specialist is not possible so neither the patient nor the doctor does not know what threatment is needed. The instruments are constantly evolving, but fewer radiologists available.

The University of Debrecen Medical Centre is one of the largest radiology training center in the country. Specialist leaving the school have the knowledge to use the latest diagnostic methods tools and equipments. Dr. Ervin Berenyi said that they train enough professionals but the majority leaving the country because the lack of financial and moral recognition.

According to experts, if the trend is not reversed, in spite of the appropriate diagnostic instrumentation within a few years a bad situation will arise. This problem is not only visible on the field of diagnostic imaging but the radiotherapy and nuclear medicine too.

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