Lajos Kosa won a lawsuit against Nepszabadsag

Local News

An article appeared in the October 1, 2010 issue of Nepszabadsag newspaper that the mayor of Debrecen traveled to Germany in order to prevent a dreamed investment around Ebes in 1999.

The Journal claimed that the politician wanted to talk to the German company`s / INAPE / leadership not to build a factory specialized on bearing manufacturing. Laszlo Macsinszky Kosa`s lawyer told the press that
these is not true exactly the opposite happened.

The politician turned to the Municipal Court in November last year to order a correction. Then in the first instance the court dismissed his claim, but Kosa also appealed to the court. This time he succeeded and the
Legislative Council on Thursday, February 10th, set aside the earlier decision and upheld the appeal sought by the mayor of Debrecen.

The court found that the politician’s was right and the newspaper will receive the verdict in written official form within a month. After it they have 15 days to rectification. The journal also have the right to appeal
against the verdict.

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