District heating prices fixed

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In an average 54-square meter flat district heating costs about 200 thousand HUF a year. However, there is no need to be afraid of a price increase in the next months as the price of district heating will be set by the public authorities according to the statutory amendment that was made two weeks ago.

The director in general of the Debreceni Hőszolgáltató says that the households will benefit since the price of district heating will be fixed until the end of the year. But much depends on the detailed arrangements. “Basically, this is a consumer friendly initiative as the goal is to keep the bills as low as possible. Its success depends on the detailed arrangements which are unknown to us yet.” – said Tibor Csonka, director in general of the Debreceni Hőszolgáltató Zrt.
However, the economist believes this is only a reprieve for the citizens. László Muraközy thinks that sooner or later the losses resulting from the fixation must be paid as the gas prices on the world market are constantly rising.
“We didn’t solve any problems because someone will have to pay the prices of the energy which we get from abroad. Cities like Debrecen are affected positively only once.” – university docent László Muraközy explains.
The prices will be fixed by the minister for development with the assistance of the Hungarian Energy Office.

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