Tram runs twice on Saturday nights

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The public transportation schedules are being updated. The goal is to create a high quality, passenger-friendly and reliable local public transportation service.

One basic change is that there will be two different time periods for the services. “Menetidő 1” (Schedule 1) lasts between 6.oo am and 7.59 pm on weekdays, between 8.oo am and 1.59 pm on Saturdays and between 2.oo pm and 7.59 pm on Sundays. “Menetidő 2” (Schedule 2) applies to time periods other than these.
First, the schedule of the following services will be modified from 1 April: tram 1, trolleybuses 2/2A, 2D, 3/3A, 3E, 4, buses 24, 25, 25Y, 31, 32.
The youth in Debrecen has been wishing for night tram services for a long time so from 1 April trams will run from the Train Station at 11.40 pm and 0.20 am on Saturday nights. The runtime of trolleybus 2D will be integrated into the one of trolleybuses 2/2A. Trolleybus 3E has ceased to run. Instead, bus 51 will take passengers to all four university centers, including the Center for Agricultural and Applied Economic Sciences.
Because of the maintenance works started on 1 April, buses will replace trolleybuses on Saturdays and Sundays. The numbers and the routes will be identical.
Another change is that from 1 April, the schedules in the stops will show the departure time from that given stop instead of the departure time from the first stop. For the time being, only the schedules of the modified services (tram 1, trolleybuses 2/2A, 3/3A, and 4, buses 24, 25, 25Y, 31, 32, 51) will be displayed according to this new system.

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