University of Debrecen in the forefront of Immunology

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They held an international conference about immunology and gene therapy treatment in Debrecen.

The Institute of Immunologyofthe University has carried out stem cell research for 11 years. So far the stem cell therapy hasmainly been used in cancer treatments. According to recent research, however, they achieved significant results with vascular problems as well. Prof. Eva Rajnavölgyi, head of the institute expects significant breakthrough in the usage of stem cells only in the next 5-10 years.

The program called the J Project was launched by the Department of Pediatric Infectious and the Central and Eastern European Infectiousand Pediatric Immunology Research and Training Centre of the University of Debrecen`s Medical and Health Science Center. 40 immunology centers from 20 countries take part inthe initiative. At the conference which represented 19 countries they discussed the progress achieved so far and their plans for the coming years.

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