Is there no epidemic? Thus, the number of deaths in Hajdú-Bihar county changed at the end of 2020

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One of the main arguments of epidemic skeptics against the pandemic is that overall mortality statistics show no sign of a coronavirus epidemic.

This was the case during the first wave in spring 2020, but the extra deaths during the second wave that exploded in the fall are really hard to explain with anything other than Covid-19.

The data of the CSO were summarized by, namely, by comparing the average of the five years prior to 2020 (2015-2019) from the 37th week (beginning of September, beginning of the second wave) with the same period last year.

A comparison of the data sets yielded the result that, for the more than three and a half months, more people died everywhere in 2020 than in the previous period.

The worst situation is in Szabolcs-Szatmár-Bereg county, here in 2020 it is 37-50. 51 percent more people died in the week than the 2015-2019 period. In Győr-Moson-Sopron county, the number of deaths increased by 48 percent, in Vas and Borsod by 41-41.

In relation to this indicator, Hajdú-Bihar county is in the middle field, here in 2020 the number of deaths was 27 percent higher than in 2015-2019 in the same period.

Incidentally, the number of deaths rose the least in Budapest, which was put on the verge of the government during the first wave, where only 12 percent died. The indicators of Tolna (+ 15%), Pest (+ 16%) and Fejér (+ 20%) counties are also more favorable.

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