Medical Officer: Possible Turnaround as Hungary Records Fewer New Infections

Europe National

Last week’s data indicate a flattening of Hungary’s coronavirus curve, as a drop in coronavirus infections was registered, the Chief Medical Officer has said.


The number of new infections with a positive test result dropped by 7%, or 2,177, last week, compared with the preceding week, Cecília Müller said. The largest increase in the number of infections, 86%, was recorded last week in Zala County, in south-western Hungary, while the biggest drop, 55%, was registered in Nógrád County, in northern Hungary, she said. In terms of a breakdown of infections by age, data reflect no change, she said, noting that the pandemic has affected people aged between 40 and 49 more than any other age group, accounting for 23% of the total, while the proportion of those aged above 65 is 16%. In the age group of those younger than 15 their proportion is 4.1%, Müller said.


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