Infectiologist: an epidemic of this magnitude does not end with vaccination, a third wave is expected


A pandemic of this magnitude doesn’t end with vaccination, infectiologist Gyula Prinz told, emphasizing that the pandemic will be under control if 60-70 percent of the population has antibodies, but the SARS-Covid-2 virus will still be around – according to experts, for an unpredictable time.

Thus, the vaccine doesn’t mean complete redemption, but according to the expert of the Hungarian Medical Chamber, the short-term advantage will definitely be that we can return to a more normal life and reduce the burden on health care.

However, we cannot throw away the mask with a well-functioning, safe vaccine

– he warns.

The process of eradicating the epidemic is also slow because a vaccination strategy will be required upon arrival of the vaccine(s). In the first phase, health care workers must be offered the opportunity to be vaccinated, and then in the second phase, those living in social homes and their caregivers should be vaccinated. They can be followed by the elderly over the age of 65, who have a risk factor – outlines Gyula Prinz, who agrees that workers (police officers, garbage trucks workers) who are essential in local care should also be considered for vaccination in advance. He would also consider it appropriate to assess who has already been infected and has an antibody before mass vaccination because they should be put at the end of the line.

On the fact that manufacturers initially announced the percentage of effectiveness of their vaccine, Gyula Prinz said that the number war is not interesting, because all vaccines are effective, but only with their mass use will it be known how much.

It isn’t the average person who should choose vaccines, but their doctors, because they know which one is recommended

– added the infectiologist, who said that by the time vaccination can start in Hungary, more information will be available, for example, on how a vaccine behaves in people with reduced defenses. In any case, he will surely be vaccinated if the approved vaccine becomes available in Hungary. “This isn’t an issue,” says the infectologist, who will vote confidence in the vaccine for which adequate scientific information will be available.

According to Gyula Prinz, even in the case of an optimal scenario, it’s expected that the time will come in the summer or autumn that not only the endangered but also young people can be vaccinated, until then, if we don’t obey the rules, we can expect an intense third wave.

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