Viktor Orbán revealed when we can expect the lifting of restrictions in Hungary


“We cannot lift the restrictions until there is a mass vaccination,” Viktor Orbán said in his usual Friday morning interview on Kossuth radio.

The Prime Minister listed the order of vaccination:

  • Healthcare workers
  • Residents of nursing homes
  • Chronic patients over the age of 60 (about 1.5 million citizens)
  • Other workers in the defense, members of the operational board, law enforcement officers, and “in this category we have the members of the government, including me.”
  • The elderly who do not suffer from a chronic illness

The prime minister said: if all this happens according to the government’s plans, “a new era can begin, then we can get rid of the restrictions” if there are enough vaccines to vaccinate these groups.

“If no one is in immediate danger of the virus, a new era will begin.” However, this does not mean that all of these groups need to be vaccinated, because “vaccination is voluntary”.

Orbán added that a decision on graduate students will be made at next week’s government meeting, the government is considering whether to let them back in for class preparation. Until then, he asked everyone to abide by the restrictions.

The moment of lifting the restrictions is “close,” but the relaxation of security measures can only be done in a disciplined manner.

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