Nébih: Bird Influenza Appeared in Wild Birds in Hungary


The H5N1 subtype of the bird influenza virus was detected by the laboratory of the National Food Chain Safety Authority (Nébih) from a wild bird found dead in Baranya County, the National Food Chain Safety Authority informed MTI on Friday.


Poultry keepers have been called upon to take greater care to protect their animals and prevent them from coming into contact with wild birds. The infected wild bird was found near a fishpond in Sumony, they said. From the point of view of bird influenza, larger, contiguous wetlands are particularly at risk, as they are popular resting places for wild birds. According to the agency, the re-emergence of the pathogen in Hungary can be related to the autumn migrations of wild birds, as the migration routes cross the entire country.

Nébih underlined that minimizing the possibility of poultry and wild birds meeting in the control of bird flu is paramount. Strict adherence to disease control regulations is essential. The animals should be fed and watered in a place completely protected from wild birds, preferably enclosed from the side. Feed and litter should also be kept in a closed, covered place and kept away from foreign animals during storage, they emphasized.

The case must also be reported to the EU and third countries, but trade restrictions will not come into force in the event of a wild bird infection, Nébih informed. According to the agency, the tightening of domestic regulations is not expected for the time being, however, experts are constantly analyzing the epidemiological situation.


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