Indignity Proceedings, Demonstrations – The Outrage Over Katalin Novák’s Clemency Decision is Getting Bigger and Bigger


Among the supporters of the ruling party and the undecided, there may be many who do not accept the decision, which caused the social workers to be outraged.

The decision to pardon the former deputy director of the children’s home in Bicske is proof that Katalin Novák has a dual role in the Orbán system, Attila Ágh told Népszava. According to the political scientist, the president of the republic is not an independent dignitary under public law, she plays a kind of balancing role, but by overplaying this role, Orbán and the government have now entrusted Katalin Novák with the task of contributing to the rescue of a party ally. According to him, the essence of the Orbán system is to keep his camp together, but for this he also needs to prove that those who obey them will be rescued from any situation.

However, the news of the pardon will spread throughout Europe, damage Novák’s international recognition, and have domestic political consequences. Fidesz managed to embarrass a wide segment of the electorate, among the voters of the ruling party and the undecided there may be many who do not accept the procedure. Attila Ágh is sure that they will soon recognize it in Fidesz: they have made a very big mistake.

“This is not an answer” – it was said by Zoltán Somogyi about the fact that the Sándor Palace only responded to this by saying that under Novák’s presidency there is and there will be no pardon for pedophiles, but no specific information can be given. The sociologist and political analyst reminded that

the president of the republic granted a pardon to the accomplice of a pedophile,

whose decision has devastating consequences for the republican institution and the exercise of the right to pardon.

“When 10,000 prison inmates can ask themselves the question, “if he is, why not me”, then the ideal of the justice of the republic is also violated”, he added.

Magyar Nemzet called it fake news that Katalin Novák pardoned a pedophile criminal, which, however, no one claimed. According to the document found in the Collection of Court Decisions, the Court wrote about the man found worthy of pardon by Katalin Novák and his former pedophile boss, that “it is obvious that the danger to society inherent in the person of the perpetrator is increased if an institution operating for the protection of children, a children’s home, is the first (the I. accused) and his second leader (accused II.) is the one who does the exact opposite of his legal and moral obligation and commits the given crimes to the detriment of the children entrusted to their care, such having power, authority, and influence and abusing it against vulnerable children, which is an act that is deeply condemned not only by criminal law, but also morally.”

DK initiates indecency proceedings against Katalin Novák

According to the party, it has been proven that a “pedophile fondler” is sitting in the presidential chair of the republic. This is how the DK reacted to the fact that Katalin Novák granted a presidential pardon to the former deputy director of the children’s home in Bicske, who covered his pedophile boss. The faction of the Democratic Coalition initiates impeachment proceedings against Katalin Novák, saying that she has become unworthy of the post of president of the republic. The party begins collecting the signatures of a fifth of the representatives, which is necessary to start the impeachment proceedings against Katalin Novák.

The President of the Republic can indeed be deprived of her office, but only if she violates the Basic Law, commits a crime, or violates the law while exercising her office. In all three cases, the Basic Law stipulates that the violation must be intentional. The impeachment of the President of the Republic can be initiated on the initiative of representatives, the initiation of the impeachment procedure requires the vote of two-thirds of the members of the National Assembly, while the conduct of the impeachment procedure falls within the competence of the Constitutional Court.

The LMP requests the documentation of the presidential pardon

Anna Süveg, the spokesperson of the party, announced at an online press conference that the LMP will request the documents on the basis of which Katalin Novák made her decision and made the scandalous case of the Bicske orphanage even more disgusting. According to her, the explanation of the Sándor Palace is not sufficient, the only right thing that the president of the republic could do is to withdraw the disgraceful decision, which she will not do, she is not such an independent actor in the National Cooperation System.

On the other hand, the spokesperson would expect the head of state to honor public opinion by making a personal statement and justifying her decision. The party, as in the case of György Budaházy, requests the documents. They refused to release her then, but they hope they will decide differently this time, because Katalin Novák proves for the second time that she does not use the right of pardon, but rather abuses it.

Momentum is organizing a demonstration in front of the Sándor Palace on Friday to protest against the pardon given by Katalin Novák to a pedophile helper.

Anna Donáth, president of Momentum, writes on her Facebook page that propaganda is trying to hide the matter, and it is the task of the opposition parties, citizens and the free public to break through the wall of silence. Paralyzed silence, complete news blackout, cynical herding. The government’s propaganda machine is doing everything it can to hide Katalin Novák’s pardon, which allowed the accomplice of the pedophile monster back into society. She asks the opposition parties, the independent press, and opposition citizens to jointly voice the protest of the victims, show the corruption of the system, and bring the truth to the people.

“Katalin Novák’s pardon is the perfect imprint of the system, where any kind of villainy goes through Fidesz executives, Spaniards, and the president of the republic like a knife through butter. While they claim to protect children, they pardon the pedophile helper in prison without any problems. They are hypocritical and corrupt. Let’s not let them keep us quiet, let’s show this disgraceful story to the country, to the world, because it contains everything about why this power is dangerous to the lives of all of us.”

The Hungarian Union of Social Workers (SZMME) was shocked and deeply outraged to learn that Katalin Novák granted a presidential pardon to the former deputy director of the Bicske orphanage. The Hungarian Civil Servants, Public Employees and Public Service Workers’ Union (MKKSZ) and the Teachers’ Union (PSZ) also joined the statement written by President Sándor Meleg. According to their point of view, it is necessary to change the erroneous practice of being able to exercise presidential pardons without any special justification. As it was written, the former deputy director, who was previously convicted by law, knew all along that his boss sexually abused the children in his care for several years and forced him to satisfy his desires.

“In the meantime, not only did he not comply with his legal obligations and did not report the crime, but he wrote a false statement in the name of one of the affected children, and he wanted to force the affected child to sign the false statement in his own office, in the presence of the pedophile director! The given person did not just act by omission, but actively, in the course of his occupation, helped the sexual abuse of children!” According to them, the perpetrators of all crimes committed against children and the persons who assist them actively or by omission in this crime should be held accountable. Special strictness must be applied when child protection specialists are the perpetrators, whose task would be to protect and care for the children entrusted to their care instead of committing abuses.

The association considers it particularly outrageous that the ban from employment has also lost its effect with the pardon, so that a man deemed guilty by any legal forum could even work in child protection, which is incompatible with all written and unwritten principles, values ​​and rules of the social and child protection profession . They believe that presidential pardons are not done in the name of a person or a political group, but in the name of society, and have a huge significance in terms of social morality. This time, Katalin Novák relativized the pedophile crimes and the help provided for them, the president of the republic also went against social values.

“Katalin Novák’s action is in line with the functioning of the Hungarian state for years, in which, in contrast to the emphasis on child protection and the loud mention of strict action against pedophilia, the implemented measures do not reflect this approach at all, but are the exact opposite of it. For years, the campaign against LGBTIA+ persons and families has been going on in the name of child protection, in response to action against pedophilia, and the Hungarian state has vetoed child protection conventions citing ‘gender propaganda’. In child protection, there are scandalous incidents, which no meaningful action is taken against.”

Attention was once again drawn to the fact that for social workers and other professionals working with vulnerable and abused people, it would be very important to have a high-level, professional, legal and ethical work environment free from political influence and entanglements, as well as child protection a deeply underfunded area with low social esteem.

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