Police Searched the House of a Nyíregyháza Hunter Due to the Shooting of the Swiss Wolf

The police searched the house of a business man in Nyíregyháza in connection with the shooting of a wolf that had migrated to us from Switzerland. According to information from Boon.hu, the hunter-entrepreneur who also owns real estate in Borsod may have been the perpetrator.

Dead Body Found at the Scene of the Mass Accident on M1 Motorway

A dead body was found under one of the burned-out car wrecks during the technical rescue of the mass traffic accident on M1 motorway, the Budapest Police Headquarters announced on police.hu on Saturday night. According to the police statement, the person who died in the accident was found during the removal of the car wreckage. […]

16 Border Police Officers From Ártánd Arrested on Suspicion of Qualified Bribery

The Military Council of the Debrecen Court ordered the arrest of those border police officers who were detained on suspicion of qualified bribery following the large-scale criminal operation carried out at the Ártánd border crossing on Tuesday night, the Central Investigative Prosecutor’s Office told MTI on Saturday.