Abuser of the elderly couple in custody


More elderly people were the victims of violent crimes in the last period in Hajdú-Bihar County.

Hajdú-Bihar County Police held a press conference in a wider perspective few weeks ago. They mentioned the succesfullysolved cases by the Berettyoujfalu Police. In these cases the victims were elderly citizens. The perpetrators were arrested they are currently in custody.

Elderly people can not defend themselves and their home andvalues due to their physical condition.Protecting the elderly is our common responsibility, HB county police officers give priority to this.

A few days ago in Csokmo an elderly couple has been attacked by a man. Shortly before midnight hesmashed the door and he assaulted, punched the 75 years old gentleman. He received a few thousand forints from the injured man but it was not enough for him. He threw a chair towards the lady.The couple gave him another 10 000 forints. The case was reported on the next morning by the elderly man. A few hours later policeproduced a man in suspicion of the crime.The suspect confessed and told that the elderly owe money to him. The elderly couple denied that.
The man was placed in pre-trial custody. He is suspected of committing other crimes.

HB County Police Press Release

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