Murderer of Beáta Molnár Confessed Killing the Young Woman


The man was arrested by police in Oradea on Thursday night.


Investigators transported the alleged perpetrator to Cluj-Napoca, and his interrogation began on Thursday.

Investigators first found the man’s car, the gray Dacia Logan with an Arad license plate, in the Venice part of Oradea, near the train station. Police found the suspected murderer in an unused railroad car. Already on the scene, the man’s car was searched, in which several personal objects of the victim were found.

As we wrote, the 30-year-old university lecturer Beáta Molnár had not been seen by anyone since Saturday, so her relatives turned to the police.

The body of Beáta Molnár was found by the police on Wednesday and it turned out that the woman had been murdered.

The 43-year-old man, who had been seen with the young woman before the police found her dead body, was detained on Thursday for the murder of Beáta Molnár, was placed in pre-trial detention for 30 days by Cluj-Napoca judges, Cluj24 wrote.

The suspect, who was transported to Cluj-Napoca, was interrogated by prosecutors for several hours and then they asked for a 30-day pre-trial detention of the accused in court on suspicion of murder.

Photo: Facebook/Iskola Alapítvány

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