15 People Killed in a Mass Shooting at a Bar in South Africa

Global Police

The authorities have not yet been able to determine the attackers’ motive, however, based on the evidence found at the scene, a group may be responsible for what happened.


A mass shooting at a bar in the South African town of Soweto left 15 people dead, nine injured and three hospitalized with serious injuries, according to reports late Saturday night. Police confirmed that a group of men arrived on the scene in a minivan and began firing large-caliber firearms, pistols and rifles at random into the bar, while those inside tried to flee. Lieutenant General Elias Mawel added that the militants fled shortly afterwards and are still on the run, and their exact number is still unknown, and the motive for the attack is also questionable.

According to him, no signs of illegal activity were found, as the bar operates with the appropriate license and opening hours, and the people inside simply wanted to have a good time. Gun crime is common in South Africa, with an estimated 20,000 murders a year, and Saturday’s shooting came shortly after 21 young people died under mysterious circumstances at a nightclub.



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