American Elite Soldiers Fighting in a Budapest Nightclub


According to press reports, members of an American elite military unit got into a fight at a Budapest nightclub. Metropol learned that a few days ago, American soldiers were fighting at a popular nightclub, Instant on Akácfa street (officially known as the Instant-Fogas complex). According to the tabloid, soldiers of an elite airborne unit talked with foreign tourists in Instant. The discussion ended in a fight in which the soldiers also used their close combat knowledge learned during the special training.

According to the paper, even the security guards working at the nightclub could not stop the soldiers, and the tourists – according to Metropol – suffered physical injuries. Finally, security called the police, and they took the American soldiers to the district police station.

The VII. district police station did not respond to Metropol’s questions, and the Budapest Police Headquarters directed them to the Central Investigative General Prosecutor’s Office. They received an answer from the latter, which stated that an investigation is underway at the Budapest Regional Investigative Prosecutor’s Office due to the crime of disorderly conduct classified in the case. In the case, no questioning of the suspects took place, and no coercive measure affecting personal freedom was ordered. The information also revealed that no one was seriously injured in the fight, but they did not want to disclose more information about the ongoing proceedings.

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