The Ambassador of Korea in Debrecen


The Ambassador of the Republic of Korea, Suh Chung-ha and advisor Kang Daesoo took a visit to the City Hall in Debrecen 2009th on 15 December, Korean-Hungarian, investment opportunities

The diplomats met with Zoltán Pajna, Deputy Mayor for Economic Affairs, László Varga, director of Urban Development Department and Laszlo Meszaros general and strategic manager of Debrecen Trust Co.
The aim of the visit was to get to know the city and widen the Korean-Hungarian economic relations. That’s way there were meetings in several places. The Ambassador informed the representatives of Debrecen about the Korean-Hungarian economic relations and about Korean companies which present in Hungary.
From the host side, the diplomats were told about the characteristics of economic life in Debrecen, and investment opportunities of the current tenders, which Korean companies may also join as partners. Suh Chung-ha has also received information how Debrecen helps usually with local rules and discounts the investors’ preferences. Beside of these, cultural networking opportunities were discussed as well.