Young jobseekers don’t want to be self employed


They want full-time positions with a monthly net salary of hundreds of thousands of HUF.

One from eight jobseekers is a freshly graduated young person and most of them have no clue of reality. The solution could also be to start their own business with the help of governmental incentive grants but they lack the necessary knowledge and interest. The new government set up two types of assistance for job seekers. One is an aid which is given through a period of six months and which reaches the amount of the national minimum wage. The other option is the provision of a 2 million HUF non-reimbursable aid for starting a new business. Only a few people dared to accept the risk and the greater investments but based on previous experience no one applied for the 2 million-HUF aid. Beauticians, hairdressers and computer technicians applied for the 6-month-long allowance.

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