Where to Go After the Pandemic is Over? – Hortobágy is on National Geographic’s List


National Geographic Magazine has created a list of wonderful destinations tourists should visit after the pandemic is over. The Puszta of Hortobágy is also on this list.


Certainly, thousands of people hope for the best and have already planned their holidays for 2021 when – hopefully – the new coronavirus pandemic is over. National Geographic Magazine is to help next year’s tourist with a freshly created list of the world’s most beautiful and most exciting places. Hortobágy National Park – in the eastern part of Hungary – is also among these places.

National Georgaphy writes “The broad spaces of Hortobágy National Park are nature-made for social distancing. Covering nearly 200,000 acres of the Great Hungarian Plain in eastern Hungary, the expansive World Heritage site preserves the largest remaining native grassland in Europe as well as pastoral traditions dating back millennia.

The whole article can be read here.


NG Magazine



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