Hungary, Austria Reject European Minimum Wage

Hungary and Austria believe that setting a minimum wage from Brussels would be ill-advised due to large differences in the level of development between European Union member states, László Palkovics, the minister of innovation and technology, has told public media after talks with Austrian Labour Minister Martin Kocher on the sidelines of the EU summit […]


Man tries to smuggle ten kittens into the country without documents

The Debrecen Regional Investigation Prosecutor’s Office is prosecuting a Ukrainian citizen who wanted to bribe a financial guard serving at the border.

Serbian Man Wanted for Vienna Murder Arrested in Hungary

Hungarian police have arrested a Serbian national wanted by the Austrian authorities for an alleged robbery and the murder of a jeweller in Vienna, at the Tompa border crossing with Serbia, police said on their website.


Photo of the Day: The Milky Way above the Ruins of Salgó Castle in North Hungary

The Milky Way above the ruins of the Salgó Castle on north Hungary on 9 May 2021.

Budapest Municipal Court Rejects Klubrádió Appeal Over 92.9 MHz

The Budapest Municipal Court on Friday upheld the decision of Hungary’s top media authority to strip commercial Klubrádió from the use of the 92.9 MHz frequency.

Budapest Cultural Venues Reopening Gradually

Budapest’s cultural venues are reopening gradually, with museums, most spas and open-air theatres slated to reopen to patrons with immunity certificates in the coming month, a deputy mayor of the city said on Thursday.